Monday, November 9, 2020

But — What Is Art?


Danto, What Art Is


Beech, “Art Labor and Abstraction” in Art and Labor

see: an Interview with David Beech: Art and Value

Haber, “You Call that Art!”  

Babich, Wang Guangyi: On Contemporary Pop Art Covers, Remix and Political Theology” 

Wang Guangyi
de la Fuente, “Frames, Handles and Landscapes” 

Elliott, “Other Minds and Unknown Women” 

Gould, “Present Tense: Working With Stanley Cavell

Arthur C. Danto, Farewell to Lao-Tzu, 1963. . 

See too: Tiziana Andina, Arthur Danto Philosopher of Pop
and, on Wang Guangyi, the contributions to:
 Tiziana Andina and Erica Onnis, The Philosophy and Art of Wang Guangyi

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