Monday, November 23, 2020

What is the Contemporary?

Agamben, “What is the Contemporary?” in What is an Apparatus?

Dahlstrom, “The Religion of Art


Babich, “The Question of the Contemporary in Agamben, Nancy, Danto” in de Assis and Schwab (eds.): Futures of the Contemporary

Fried “How Modernism Works

Osborne, “Working the Contemporary” in de Assis and Schwab (eds.): Futures of the Contemporary

Giorgio Agamben: Resistance in Art. 2014

Monday, November 16, 2020

Art and the Ineffable


Virilio, “A Pitiless Art

Lloyd, “The Aesthetic Regime of Representation

Rhode, “Appearance as a Feminist Issue” 


Burrows & O’Sullivan, “‘The Chymical Wedding’’’ 

Chanter, “Feminist Art

Kennick, “Art and the Ineffable” 

Land, “Circuitries” 

Yancy, “White Embodied Gazing

“The Aesthetic Today” Jacques Rancière in Conversation with Mark Foster Gage

Monday, November 9, 2020

But — What Is Art?


Danto, What Art Is


Beech, “Art Labor and Abstraction” in Art and Labor

see: an Interview with David Beech: Art and Value

Haber, “You Call that Art!”  

Babich, Wang Guangyi: On Contemporary Pop Art Covers, Remix and Political Theology” 

Wang Guangyi
de la Fuente, “Frames, Handles and Landscapes” 

Elliott, “Other Minds and Unknown Women” 

Gould, “Present Tense: Working With Stanley Cavell

Arthur C. Danto, Farewell to Lao-Tzu, 1963. . 

See too: Tiziana Andina, Arthur Danto Philosopher of Pop
and, on Wang Guangyi, the contributions to:
 Tiziana Andina and Erica Onnis, The Philosophy and Art of Wang Guangyi

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